About Us

Skeye Wholesale was founded in northwest Ohio in 2007 on a simple premise, “Do one thing and do it well.” Our founder’s intent was to eliminate the confusion of convoluted, unfocused product selections and bring our customers the best selection of smokeshop oriented gifts and goods.

You can see that premise reflected in our product offering. Our focus is on being the ultimate smokeshop supply house. At the time this is written we have a product list with over 9500 items geared specifically for the modern smokeshop. From old-world traditional to the newest market trends – we have a core product selection, rooted in the industry to which we cater, with ancillary product offerings designed to help you maximize add-on sales to your customer base.

Skeye Wholesale strives to bring you the best possible smokeshop supply selection. We are working every day to accompany that vast product selection with an equally vast amount of knowledge, care and customer service. Each of our staff members is dedicated to making your purchase experience the best it can be. We’re not perfect, but we spend a LOT of time working to make sure we are as close as possible on the things that really count – like YOUR bottom line.

By phone, fax, e-mail or face-to-face, Skeye wants to be your one stop smokeshop supply leader.